Capital Executive LLC

Capital Executive LLC has developed an investment expertise over the last 23 years.  It identifies undervalued organizations in the market by analyzing the operation of the organization in relation to its strategic segments of the market.  

Capital Executive LLC develops a keen understanding of the factors driving the undervaluation.  It only invests in the undervalued organizations which could generate significant value within the investment by slightly modifying its approach to the market. 

Capital Executive LLC believes in the efficiency of the capital markets, so it occasionally publishes investment research on the undervalued organizations, encouraging activism within the investors to help create the significant value for the organizations. 

Capital Executive LLC generated a net-of-expense, verifiable return of 41.1% for calendar 2012 and 35.6% for calendar 2013.  In fact, since 2009, Capital Executive LLC has generated a net-of-expense, quantifiable return which is 92% better than the return generated by the S&P 500 Index.  

Capital Executive LLC generated the returns with an unlevered portfolio of common equity and corporate debt.