Capital Executive LLC

Capital Executive LLC was formed in May 2009 as an investment manager, taking both long and short positions in publicly-traded, common equity and corporate debt.  The organization has developed an investment expertise over the last 23 years in the Capital Markets as an analyst, managing a portfolio of investments underwritten across the corporate, capital structure: equity (international and domestic) and debt (mezzanine, high-yield, investment grade).

Capital Executive LLC identifies undervalued organizations in the market using an in-depth screening (querying) language to uncover both value and growth opportunities, factoring the significance as well as the sustainability of the theme within the market.

Capital Executive LLC develops a keen understanding of the factors driving the undervaluation, investing in the undervalued organizations that can generate significant value for the shareholder by slightly modifying a position in the market.

Capital Executive LLC occasionally publishes investment research on an undervalued organization and encourages activism within the investor base to facilitate the development of the unrecognized, significant value within the organization.

Capital Executive LLC understands the long-term ramifications of strategy.  Since 2009, Capital Executive LLC has generated a verifiable return which is significantly better than the return generated by the S&P 500 Index.  

Capital Executive LLC generated the return with an unlevered portfolio of common equity and corporate debt.

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